Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unlock iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08

So there Is No Way Till Today to unlock Iphone 4 on baseband

4.11.08 But there's a problem now, with iOS 5 Apple introduced a new baseband 04.11.08 Unlock and some people unintentionally upgraded their iPhone 4 to iOS 5 in a result they lost their unlocks and most of them were on baseband 4.10.01. Some users who were familiar with baseband preservation saved themselves from baseband up

Downgrading firmware downgrades your baseband BUT ONLY while Apple signs previous version of iOS with lower baseband in this case its was iOS 4.3.5 with 4.10.0 baseband. A lot of people downgraded their baseband to 4.10.0 and unlocked
using Gevey SIM but a few got stuck because Apple stopped signing iOS 4.3.5 on October 18th.

So the Files that your Will Download BELOW includes 2 METHODS to Unlock 04.11.08 One is 14 Steps Method to Unlock 04.11.08 and the Other is Patch to Unlock 04.11.08

Locked 04.11.08 Baseband - What should I do now ? No need to Worry Now Just Download the 14 Step Method + Files +patch Needed to Unlock the baseband 04.11.08 and your Iphone 4 will never be Locked again Watch the Video to do Step by step (Video is For Patch Unlock Method not for 14 Step Method)

14 steps Method to unlock 04.11.08 many of the tester have Reported that it worked for them its a bit Complex but if you Do it Step by Step as written in the Guide it will Unlocked 04.11.08 baseband

this installer and patch tested on iphone 4 but not tested on iphone 4s


Files+Patch+14 Steps Unlock Method
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Watch the Video How to Do IT